The Clinic Network | The Clinic Network
  • Natural Health Services

    Natural Health Services is changing the way Canadians access cannabis. Working with Canada’s top federally regulated Licensed Producers, we provide our patients with free access to experienced medical professionals.

  • Silver Medical Group

    The Silver Medical Group Centre for Pain Care (CPC) is a Toronto-based medical treatment centre specializing in the management and treatment of chronic pain of the head, neck, face and back.

  • Slawner Ortho

    Montreal Leader in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Home Health Care.

  • Legal Resources

    The Clinic Network and our physician/nurse practitioner roster are well versed and experienced in all aspects of court proceedings in support of both patient well-being, insurance companies and the legal profession. Our multi-disciplinary physicians and chronic pain specialists are tort savvy and would be happy to take referrals and work collaboratively with your firm today with a goal of bringing patients back to optimal health using the most effective means possible.