Step 1: Prior To Your Appointment

Prior to a virtual or in-person appointment with a TCN Nurse Practitioner or Physician, you will speak with a TCN Administrator to provide background information and co-ordinate an appointment date and time.

Step 2: Your Appointment

During your virtual or in-person appointment, a TCN Nurse Practitioner or Physician will help you decide whether medical cannabis is an appropriate therapeutic option by reviewing your medical history, other medications, and treatment goals. If medical cannabis therapy is deemed to be suitable, you will be issued an “authorization for cannabis to be used for medical purposes.” This is similar in concept to a “cannabis prescription.”

Step 3:  Speak With Your TCN Patient Educator

Immediately following the issuance of your medical cannabis authorization, a TCN Patient Educator will help you select an appropriate medical cannabis product. and assist you with registering your medical cannabis authorization with a seller of medical cannabis licensed by Health Canada.

Step 4: Ordering Medical Cannabis

Once registered, you can place an order for medical cannabis either online or over the phone. Your medical cannabis will be delivered to your home.