The Cannabis Act (Oct 17, 2018) makes it possible for Canadians to use cannabis to treat different therapeutic issues. As a result, there are more cannabis clinics in Canada that prescribe it legally. One professional purveyor is The Clinic Network (TCN). In addition to providing cannabis prescriptions, TCN also provide other services, including:


The Clinic Network will meet with you to discuss how to best serve your medicinal needs. Based on your individual chart notes, physical and overall condition, etc., you will be advised regarding the strains of cannabis and ingestion methods that are best for you. We offer follow-up education and support for each individual patient, including demonstrations on how to use a vaporizer. We also have an FAQ page on our website to answer additional questions.

Telemedicine Appointments

On-site consultations are always available, but if you cannot travel to one of our locations, you can get in touch with physicians from TCN via phone. Through our “telemedicine platform” you may communicate with TCN physicians remotely. With it, you will receive first-hand information and advice without being physically present.

Find Licensed Producers

Under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), the only legal source of medicinal cannabis for patients is through Health Canada-approved Licensed Producers (LPs). TCN cannabis clinics do not inventory cannabis products, but can help you find a licensed producer. Based on your condition, strain/oil requirement and geographical location, our educators can direct you to an LP able to address your individual medical needs.

Assistance with Cultivation

As an alternative to ordering cannabis, patients can choose to “grow for self” with seeds purchased from a LP. There are guidelines that limit how and where you grow, but TCN can assist you with the paperwork and process. At our cannabis clinics, our educators will advise you regarding having a designate grow legally on your behalf.

Educating Employers

Cannabis has side effects that may be noticeable in the workplace, and prescribing physicians weigh how it might affect patients’ ability to perform their jobs. At TCN, legal and medical professionals help educate employers concerning their legal obligations and the appropriate use of medicinal cannabis by some employees. Employers are obligated to support employees who utilize cannabis as an alternative medical therapy.

Supporting Physicians

Legal, medicinal use of cannabis is a fairly new development in the health care community. TCN has several years’ experience working with cannabis, and we are happy to share our expertise with and answer questions from doctors and others in the medical field.