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Patients Scrambling to Find Alternative Medicinal Cannabis


Tilray Inc. mistakenly predicted that the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada would temper demand for medical medicinal cannabis, a forecast that it says has left the company short of supply and its patients scrambling to find alternatives. The cannabis company based in Nanaimo, B.C., said on Tuesday that because of inaccurate forecasts, it failed to make enough of a popular medical product. It also sold medicinal cannabis into the wholesale market to other producers and increased its exports overseas because it expected medical patients would buy recreational cannabis when it became legal on Oct. 17. Instead, demand for medical medicinal cannabis spiked, chief executive Brendan Kennedy said on a conference call on Tuesday with analysts after Tilray reported quarterly earnings. “I think most people in the industry were expecting some decrease in demand from patients,” he said. “What happened was we saw a significant increase in demand from patients in the days and weeks prior to legalization. That was pretty counter-intuitive to what we were expecting.” Patients across the country have faced shortages since recreational medicinal cannabis was legalized and producers have struggled to meet demand. The supply shortfall has prompted complaints from patients and doctors who have raised questions about the design of Canada’s two-track system for medical and recreational medicinal cannabis, which does not require producers to give priority to medical sales. Tilray’s online medical shop is nearly sold out. The company is selling two types of cannabis oil and did not have any flower available as of Tuesday. A day earlier, it was offering a third product, its most popular oil containing a high dose of cannabidiol (CBD), which the company says is used often for inflammation. As of Monday, Nov 12 it could have been bought only by phone – not online – and customers could have bought just two bottles each. By Tuesday, it was sold out.

Last modified: October 3, 2019