If you would like an appointment to see if Medical Cannabis is right for you, please reach out to our team by calling 1-844-TCN- BOOK (826-2665) or by requesting an appointment online 

Our clinic currently offers in person as well as virtual/telephone appointments dependent on location. If you have any issues/ questions, please give us a call.

Prior to your appointment you will receive multiple reminders from our team that your appointment is coming up.

If you’re attending a physical location, the map and address will appear in your reminder notices. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

If you are attending a virtual/telehealth appointment, please be sure to be in a quiet, private and safe space in order to take the call.  We will be unable to complete appointments with patients operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery during the time of appointment.

If authorized for Medical Cannabis by one of our Health Care Practitioners, an Educator will call you within minutes of finishing your appointment with the physician to discuss your ordering options and help you to find the best Licensed Seller aligned with your needs.


The Licensed Sellers (LS), previously referred to as as Licensed Producers (LP), are the license holders approved to sell cannabis products for medical purposes by Health Canada. 

Some Licensed Sellers produce the cannabis products they cultivate and / or process. Other Licensed Sellers re sell cannabis products from other licensed holders.

Once you’ve completed the conversation with one of our Educators, you will need to contact the licensed seller that you’ve determined during your appointment to complete registration. This step can be completed online or by calling their care team. Your medical document is securely sent to the LS within minutes of completing your conversation with an Educator.

Once you’ve registered it can take 2-10 business days before you’re able to begin ordering. Verification processes vary between licensed sellers. Please discuss your options with your Educator.

Orders are placed directly with your chosen Licensed Seller (LS). Most accept orders by phone or through their website. Your cannabis products will be delivered right to your door by courier or Canada Post. Product cannot be purchased directly from The Clinic Network™.

Throughout the duration of your medical cannabis authorization you will be asked to attend follow up appointments. These appointments are a required in order to monitor your care. Follow up appointments are required by most regulatory bodies across Canada in order to continue to authorize patients for medical cannabis.

At the Clinic network, we understand that as life changes, your healthcare may also change. We believe you should be able to have ease of access in changing your care route at any time. If you’re wanting to change from physical care to our virtual options, or simply explore your care with another physician. Please do not hesitate to ask our care team at 1-844-TCN-BOOK (826-2665)