You can request online or by calling 1-844-TCN-BOOK (826-2665). 

Our appointments are all currently offered via Virtual Care. This means some appointments are done over the telephone whereas others may use video conferencing. We currently do not offer any in physical clinic services. 

At your appointment, you will speak with a licensed medical professional to discuss if cannabis products for medical purposes are appropriate for your health care.

After your appointment, you will speak with a Patient Educator. Our Educators are trained to help you choose a Licensed Seller (LS) and answer questions about cannabis products for medical purposes.

The Licensed Sellers (LS), previously referred to as as Licensed Producers (LP), are the license holders approved to sell cannabis products for medical purposes by Health Canada. 

Some Licensed Sellers produce the cannabis products they cultivate and / or process. Other Licensed Sellers re sell cannabis products from other licensed holders.

Once you have chosen your Licensed Seller (LS), you will visit their website, or speak with their call center, and you will register with them as a client. We will make sure your medical document is securely sent to them. 

The verification process can take up to 10 business days. Once your account is verified, your Licensed Seller (LS) will contact you so you can place your first order.

Some Licensed Sellers offer faster verification times, ask your Patient Educator about some of these options.

Orders are placed directly with your chosen Licensed Seller (LS). Most accept orders by phone or through their website. Your cannabis products will be delivered right to your door by courier or Canada Post. Product cannot be purchased directly from The Clinic Network™.

Follow-up appointments are a good time to ask questions and discuss your individualized treatment plan. In Alberta, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta requires all patients to attend regular follow-up appointments every 3 months. Your follow up appointment schedule will vary depending on a number of factors. Please ask our patient care team for your specific follow up schedule and next appointment.