The Clinic Network™

About Us

Through a network of physical and virtual clinics, The Clinic Network helps patients across Canada determine if medical cannabis is appropriate for their condition and provides guidance on the selection and use of medical cannabis products.

Our Mission

To empower patients interested in medical cannabis as a treatment option, through education, timely access to knowledgeable healthcare providers, and clinic staff. TCN supports patients through each step of their medical cannabis journey.

Our Focus

Medical cannabis is gaining recognition as a treatment option for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Our clinic team is focused on helping to determine if medical cannabis is helpful for a particular condition and, if so, developing a tailored medical cannabis care plan.

Medical cannabis has been used to help with symptoms associated with many different conditions, when other medications have not been successful. Examples include:

Chronic Pain – Neuropathic Pain – Anxiety – Migraine/Headache – Insomnia – Nausea and Vomiting – Appetite Stimulation – PTSD – Muscle Spasticity – Tics Associated With Tourette Syndrome – Inflammatory Bowel Disease / Crohn’s Disease /Ulcerative Colitis Related Symptoms – Parkinson’s Disease – Seizures in Children – Fibromyalgia –    Attention Deficit Disorder

Other settings where medical cannabis has been used include: Opioid Substitution/Harm Reduction – Palliative Care